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Devin Stowers

Hi, I’m Devin Stowers. I grew up in Anderson, SC where I fell in love with basketball. Through years of being coached and trained, I find myself ready to give back to the game that taught me so much.

When I was 13 years old I found myself at an AAU tournament, skinny and still trying to figure this basketball thing out. I was about to experience something I’ve never experienced before. All I could hear were the whistles for a dead ball, coaches getting the attention of their players and Mama Dukes ready to cheer until she had no voice. I’d never seen anything like it! 4 courts, a lounge and a track upstairs. As we left that tournament in North Augusta, I told myself, “Anderson needs this”. Fast forward >>> I’m 31, married and ready to see this thing happen. I’m in the process of getting a basketball gym with multiple courts brought to Anderson, SC.

That’s what Legacy City is. The heart behind it is to provide access. Access to the community, access to coaches and trainers, and access to a basketball program, Legacy6, focused on player development on and off the court. If you were anything like me growing up, to hear the word process is to hear a teacher's nails go across a chalkboard. Through some counsel I was encouraged to not wait, but start no matter if it wasn’t the full dream. So, I started training my nephew and some of his teammates this year. It’s been a joy being able to be a part of their journey. I’m not the only one who has invested in them this year, which is awesome! I do believe that it takes a village to help build a complete basketball player. We can learn bits and pieces from any place we find ourselves.

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"Developing Personally Beyond Training"

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"Motivating, Commending, and Pushing athletes to succeed in academics"

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Sessions concentrate on player development by breaking down and applying fundamental skills through drills and competitions.

Sessions are reserved and paid for a week ahead. Click the link below to schedule your sessions.

Nothing is wasted. God is a restorer and redeemer, taking the weaknesses of man to display his power and glory for the world to see. Isaiah 40:31

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